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Automatic Shipment Advantage Program (ASAP)

Joining ASAP is easy and gives you the convenience of saving time and money! When you sign up for ASAP, you will automatically receive your selected products every month. Simply select the products you want each month and indicate which products you want to receive monthly by ticking the "Check if ASAP" box. Those products where you don't tick the "Check if ASAP" box will be shipped only with the current order. Please also indicate your preferred payment method - ASAP will do the rest.

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Please send me the following Lifeplus Products:

You will no longer have to place orders on your FL1 and FL2 pins. Instead, you can now place all orders on your main pin, and at the end of the month, we will take care of dividing the volume up over your FL1 and FL2 pins using the current requirements:

Rank Below Bronze Bronze and Silver Gold and Diamond
Minimum Monthly IP
180 IP
240 IP
290 IP
Main Pin Allocation
40 IP
100 IP
150 IP
FL1 Allocation
40 IP
40 IP
40 IP
FL2 Allocation
100+ IP
100+ IP
100+ IP
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*Shipping charges will be calculated when your order or ASAP is processed using the rates listed below.

The Lifeplus Foundation**

Please check option below if you would like to make a contribution, which will be added to your invoice amount.

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** This contribution is not tax deductible.

Shipping Method

ASAP Packs & Products (see price list for details) Free Shipping
Order value above 100 IP Free Shipping
Order value between 40 and 100 IP 50% Shipping (£2.40)
Order value under 40IP Full Shipping (£4.80)
Express Delivery Call Customer Service (0800 854374) for pricing

Standard Shipping Prices

Standard Shipping Prices. The regular shipping price is £4.80 (inc. VAT) for up to 31.5 kg. The above mentioned guidelines apply to ASAP customers only. Our orders delivered by Royal Mail Postal Service are normally dispatched within 24 hours and will be delivered in 2-3 working days.

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